About The ICANetwork

The ICANetwork is a technology service company based in the USA and is creating quite the buzz in the marketing arena. ICANetwork has created a new standard in advertising by merging affordable pricing together with the latest technology. There is no company in the world that compares in price, service or technology.

Michael T. Glaspie, the founder and CEO of ICANetwork, he is known as "Mike G" on the internet. He is an American entrepreneur and author and has been on the net since '97. Mikes owns and operates a number of successful websites.

The ICANetwork was formed in 2011 originally offering the SEO and phone app product. Since that time QR Codes and the Mobile Optimization Product has been added.

In mid November 2011, the ICANetworkApps hit #1 at Google under the keyword "custom phone apps" and no fancy SEO work was done to get there. That result is purely based on the number of hits to the site, that is impressive.

The Social Media Package was launched in July 2014.

In 2016,  ICANGet2,  the Merchant Services and Zabang  were introduced.

ICANetwork is committed to continually launch new and innovated products. These products are unique and are rock solid.

Their outstanding support to both their customers and sales team, combined with a low cost, make them untouchable and the best in the marketplace.

ICANetwork is on the move. The national commercials on Fox confirm their commitment in becoming a world-renowned company and in their ability to handle a large volume. This should help put your mind at ease that this company is here to stay!

ICANetwork is destined to become a global company, with a reputation of being dedicated and committed to their customers.

Mr. Michael T. Glaspie ("Mike G") is the Founder and Tom Wilkes, President of ICANetwork.  Any Mossel is the executive executive assistance to Mr. Glaspie. They are positioning this company to go public in a few years.

As technology evolves, so will ICANetwork, as a technology service company, their mission is to keep you current with the latest and greatest. As a free service to their customers ICANetwork took the time to create some unique types of QR codes that work on all mobile devices.

In today’s world, there is no question or doubt in anyone’s mind that for a company to grow and remain in business they must embrace the latest marketing trends and have a strong Internet presence.

ICANetwork is already growing at an phenomenal rate and understandably so.

I challenge you to find a company anywhere on earth, that exceeds ICANetwork  in cost and value.

ICANetwork is also  a unique business opportunity.