Mike G's Income Guarantee
With The ICANetwork

Here Is What Michael T Glaspie Has To Say!:

""I will not and cannot guarantee you will make money with us. I am not about hype and I’m not about false promises. There’s too much of that hype and junk all over the net these days, and I will not participate in it.

If a company sold you a hot-dog stand and provided you with the finest freshest buns, the absolute best dogs on the planet, the finest and tastiest condiments to top those delicious dogs with, and they gave you all the training you needed – what to say to the customers who pass by your stand, what to put on your sign, what to charge and everything you needed.

BUT…. You decided to leave the hot-dog stand in your garage and wait for that perfect sunny day before you decided to venture out and give it a try.

Well, guess what? I bet you see where I ‘m going, You wouldn’t make a dime.

So I Will Tell You This.
You Follow Our Training,
You Use Our Marketing Tools.
You Present Our Services In A Professional And Ethical Manner

That I promise, that I will guarantee.""