ICANetwork: The Peoples Program

The Commission Plan Can Be Described As “LOW BROKERAGE”.
It is best to explain with an example.
A business opportunity offers a luxury cruise or some expensive car once you hit the 6 or 7th level of that commission structure. This is known as “High Brokerage as the average person will never qualify for the car or trip as they will never reach that level.

On the other hand the ICANetwork commission structure only goes to 3 levels deep. (Why  3 -->The average person never goes beyond the third) With this setup, all of the commissions are very attainable by the ICANetwork Salesreps, therefore this commission structure is classified as Low Brokerage”.  Therefore with the ICANetwork you can earn an income quickly.

The ICANetwork, unlike any other marketing company do not mark up their advertising material to their sales force.
I know this because I have bought promo DVD’s from companies to help sell their product and I paid almost ten dollars. (That company made money from that sale) The ICANetwork does not work that way, they are different.
The cost of their promo DVD is less than one dollar because that is the cost for ICANetwork to create it.
ICANetwork does everything possible to help to make you successful.
There is also a lot of marketing material found in the back office.

Mike Glaspie has made it very clear that he will not go in competition with his sales force.
He could very easily have afforded to host TV commercials on his own.
But by Mike’s standards that is not being ethical or fair.
So Mike created a TV Co-op Campaign where all ICANetwork salesreps have the option to participate in.
He has created several different price points, so that reps can join at a level that they can afford. (this way, no one gets left out!!)
The ICANetwork commercial is airing nationally on the Fox Business Network in the USA.

Mike will be announcing the details on this in the new year. This will be another way to help salesreps promote their business.

ICANetwork has a live training session every Tues. with the CEO and President, with a Q/A at the end.  On Saturday,  there is an open mic session where you can phone in and ask any question and go through any problem that you may have.

All you need to do is ask and ICANetwork will send you 120 phone leads.

ICANetwork has partnered with several major on-line advertising agencies to get the best price and giving you some unique ways to market.

Upon joining ICANetwork and ICANget2 you will have access to create a company email address, at no extra charge.