Why Choose The ICANetwork

The ICANetwork Has Been Given The Nickname:
“The Peoples Program”.
By Their Own Sales Force.
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The World Has Gone Mobile!
ICANetwork Anticipated This Trend
And Developed Products That A
Business NEEDS To Survive.
History Repeats,  With The ICANetwork
Learn About Web 3.0!
You Need To Understand This Market.
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Michael T Glaspie,
CEO And Founder Of The ICANetwork:
Income Guarantee!
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There Are Three Join  Levels To Choose From.
Each with a different cost and commission rate.
-Supervising Independent Representative
-Independent Representative
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NO "legs" to balance, NO monthly minimums or quotas.
Upgrade your position at any time to maximize your earning potential.

Multiple Ways To Earn:
-Offer our services
-Customize the mobile apps for your customers
-Build your team of IR’s, SIR’s and Founders.
-Or, do all of the above.